DanaB (Street Articles Author)

Not having it all makes you want to go after it all. 3 dogs, 1 fish, 1 snail and a Quaker Parrot..so you wonder why I am in this world we call Internet Marketing?

I have been in it and out of it and now I am back in it to give it one more try before I leave this lovely world. Surely it must be better than it was the last time I was here.

I won't bore you with my background unless you really must hear about me and if that is a case just let me know and I will write a very entertaining Street Article because that is what it would!

Being an ex-poker player you can see a lot of things, hear a lot of things and thankfully I didn't do all those things.

So here I am and am ready to go all-in, so let's play.

Talk to ya soon,


The Vaping Starter Kit
Have you ever looked at a Vaping Starter Kit? It can be almost as confusing as a Vapor Cigarette! Does it vape manually, what kind of vaping tools come in the starter kit, will there be any e-Liquid supplied and the list can go on and on. Well I am…
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Anatomy Of A Vapor Cigarette
Are you a bit confused with all the information out there about E Cigarettes? Let me see if I can add to that confusion and introduce to you Vaporing, Vaping or the Vapor Cigarette. People in the vapor world do not call it a cigarette, it is basically called "Vaping".…
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