Danica Ryn (Street Articles Author)

I am Danica, and my background is in B2B technology sales. I have always had a passion for building websites and turned that into a business about 4 years ago. I am a learner, so I'm constantly trying to keep up with technology and stay abreast of this fast changing landscape. Learning about affiliate marketing is my next step, so hear I am.

After spending over 2 years "Looking At Weathly Affiliate" I decided to dive in and I'm so happy that I did because the information is amazing because this is so much more than Affiliate Marketing. I am pretty educated on the subject on online marketing, as that's a large part of my background, but with the rapid changes in technology there are days I feel like my head is spinning.

What I really love about Wealthy Affiliate is that the cover everything that you need to know in an organized format and they cover every detail. I'm certified in Online Marketing but this is so much easier - I can actually envision how I can use this to help people by keeping it real - anyone can use this system.

Fun UNKNOWN Facts About Me: I an an offiical "Baby Hurricane Hunter" I love learning I am learning to raise ducks

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