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Be Careful Where You Get the GoPro HD Hero 3 Black Edition!
Right now, the newest and top-of-the-line sports camera/camcorder from the now-famous GoPro is extremely hard to find. There is such a demand for their "Black Edition" that they can't keep up with the production! As a result, there are lots of back-orders and outlets simply cannot keep this unit on…
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How to Get Fired from Your Job Using the Internet
Today I was on Chat and there came on a new user who began boasting how he was at work and had come on there to chat. I knew exactly what was up, probably by intuition. "Ah" he said, "I'm in a cubicle. Nobody can see me." This Article is…
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How Does the New GoPro Hero 3 Camera Compare with the Hero 2?
The now famous GoPro just released its brand new addition to its line of the most superior sports cameras available on the planet! If you own a GoPro Hero 2 or any of the older models, you are fully aware of the wonders these cameras are capable of. You're in…
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Performance - How to Deal With Low Libedo - Women
For both genders, waning libedo is becoming an epidemic with all of the bad foods, radiations amongst other harmful lifestyles and anomalies in our modern age. This article is directed to women. It will guide you in getting help to improve your low performance levels. Loss of libedo not only…
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Sports - Stop Worrying About What Others Think Of Your Performance
Here are a couple questions to consider: Do you worry too much about what others think about your performance? Do you become tense or anxious because you might disappoint others? If so, this article is just what you are looking for... The Implications of Social Approval and How It Robs…
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Academic Issues - Developing Social Skills In A Child With Learning Disability
Sadly, children with learning disabilities often become targets for bullies in school and this can have adverse effects on their social development, in some cases, so severe, that the damage persists long into their adulthood. Often targeted in school because of their learning disabilities, such children very often find the…
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Increase Success - The Power Of Your Subconscious
Why are you where you are? Why do others seem to get lucky all the time yet success frowns upon you and passes by? You have put your hardest efforts into what it is you are trying to achieve, but year after year, it goes on an even keel, in…
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Stop Smoking - Kicking the Smoking Habit
One out of four illness reported is smoking-related. It is one of the leading killers and in spite of popular belief about the smoking habit, it seriously affects almost every organ in the body. What can you do, if you smoke, and have not been able to kick the habit?…
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Pain Management - Pain Perception
Part of the survival value of pain is its association with learning centers in the brain. Without pain, human life (and all animalia at that) would perish. The design in nature is infallible. If something is wrong, this message system lets the organism know. How does our bodies perceive pain?…
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Children’s Issues - Why Children Misbehave
Most children, at one time or another, display misbehaviors that often confound parents. There are innumerable reasons why children do what they do and behave badly. Often, this is a direct reflection on the parenting they get. There are great sources of systematic training for effective parenting available. However, most…
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A Short History of the Camera - The Optical Lens and the Camera Obscura Come Together
The discovery and development of the optical lens is of extreme importance in the history of the camera.…
A Short History Of the Camera - The Annals Of the Rgb Color Codes
What is the RGB color code? The familiar three-color scheme, red, green and blue, that we have seen…
A Short History Of the Camera - The Leaks Caught on Infrared Night Vision Camera!
In the history of the camera, no development was as perhaps, untimely or late coming onto the scene,…
A Short History Of the Camera - The Rise Of the Digital Single Lens Reflex (dslr)
"Our film development service ended May 1, 2012. Should you still have prepaid credits for film development…
That Rare Camera Shot - How to Avoid Misses
Setting for inferior equipment means inferior picture quality...if you even manage to capture the subject!…
A Short History Of the Camera - The Invention Of Photography
How did photography get started? What exactly is photography? Who coined the term "photography?" An…
History Of the Camera - A Timeline for the Color Photographic Print
Color photography takes predominant occupation in the history of the camera. It would take a series…
A Short History Of the Camera - Moving Picture Innovations Of the 19th Century
The term, “cinemascope” today, is used to name a lens system used in modern cinemas making curved…
A Short History of the Camera - The Emergence of the Roll Film Camera
Up to 1885, all photographic processes involved the development of single prints, one at a time. They…
A Short History Of the Camera - The Rise Of the Single Lens Reflex (slr)
The single lens reflex camera is by no means a modern invention, at least in concept. Its prototypes…