Daniel Ver1 (Street Articles Author)

I became aware of domestic violence at age 8 and that fueled my innate curiosity to find immediate solution to get out of the situation. I started working at age 9 and discovered that making money gave me some sense of partial independence. Although I became exposed to street environment, I started learning about run-away children, homelessness, violent crimes and endless challenges of humanity. For the next 8 years I became engaged in the harsh realities of street living. Making money from selling comics across town, establishing a newspaper route, preparing and selling ice cold drinks, with more money than I could use I found myself as a pawnshop where people can bring their watches etc. for a quick cash. Balancing work and school gave me the high school diploma, my ticket to total independence. As a run-way at 17, my objectives include learning everything about humanity, violent crimes, culture, religion, politics, government, insurgency, military, law enforcement, etc. Travels, living and working across Asian countries, it took me 8 years to earn a four-year degree with major in accounting. Another 10 years of working for the government allowed me to learn more about strengths and weaknesses of government strategies. With enough research of Asian countries, I headed for the United States of America. On my second day in Southern California, I was already studying homelessness and street violence.

The next 27 years I was able to continue working various jobs from store front cleaning, sales clerk, corporate auditor, corporate accounting and office manager, etc. To continue my research I even became a 18 wheeler truck driver across the lower 48 states, rode motorcycle from the U.S. to Mexico and Canada. Flew to Australia and Western Europe as part of unending research to satisfy my personal curiosity about humanity, i.e. suicide, prisons, homelessness, strengths and weaknesses of highly industrialized country's governments, military and law enforcement.

Because of these studies, I was able to develop advanced ways to solve many challenges faced by humanity from violence against women and children, prostitution, homelessness, suicide,terrorism, job creation, taxes, etc.

These solutions are geared toward educating humanity, government leaders, corporate leaders, etc., that raising taxes is not the solution in the difficult challenges faced by governments, both at local and national level, in the United States and Western European nations. Raising taxes will only allow wrong strategies and solutions to add more pain to the economy and sufferings of humanity around the world.

Invitation to A Workshop - Introduction Of the World's First Violence Prevention System
This is an invitation to anyone who is interested in witnessing the introduction of the world’s First Violence Prevention by way of a workshop to be hosted by Black Trans Advocacy at their 3rd Annual Conference. This conference will be held at the Double Tree Hotel in the beautiful city…
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Update US Military Doctrine to Maintain US Defense Capabilities
Just for 2013, the Department of Defense is going to sustain another year of military effort in Afghanistan with $88 billion dollars. At the same time, defense cuts for the same period is between $57 to $63 billion dollars. Since 2001 military effort in Afghanistan, these are just a few…
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A Program Designed To Protect School Children From Violence
My open letter for our government leaders, law enforcement and the people of Newtown, Connecticut: Dear First Selectman Llodra, On behalf of my family, friends and associates, I wish to express my deepest sympathy to you, your town citizens and the families of the victims of this tragic shooting. In…
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Understanding Violence And the Need to Update the Law Enforcement System
Part II - Required Reading Read and understand Part 1: How Can The United States Create Jobs, Reduce The Deficit Without Raising Taxes (Posted March 28, 2012) What is there to understand about violence? What exactly do I mean with update the Law Enforcement System? By updating, will it make…
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How Can the United States Create Jobs, Reduce the Deficit Without Raising Taxes
How to Protect the United States from Terrorism & All Violent Crimes, Reduce Prison Population, Create Jobs, Reduce the Budget Deficit Without the Need to Raise Taxes Part 1 There are two major problems in the United States of America and Western European countries. These two major problems that are…
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