Daren Haywood (Street Articles Author)

Hi there my friend. Let's REALLY connect and get to know each other soon... it's so much better that way, but for now, here's the "Fast and the Furious" script all about me

(be sure to shoot me a quick message that you were here or stop by and actually say "HI!" on my wall, would love to have you as my fb guest.)

I'm a real person, just like you currently with a full time job. I'm someone who's decided to "opt out" of the matrix... the daily grind of working just to pay the bills.

and I'm currently building my own business online which will allow me to enjoy what I call "true freedom of life" and I'm only too happy to share my experiences with other like minded people along the way.

I grew up in Leeds, which is a city in the UK ... the only problem was that we were poor financially and had to live in an area where crime was normal.

At the young age of 13, I made a decision to change my life ( after realising that if I didn't I'd end up in prison at some point ). I left home ( leaving my father on his own ) and went to live somewhere else.

That was the first time in my life that I experienced the power of taking massive and decisive action. It literally changed my life and allowed me to get an education and an opportunity to do something positive with my life.

My vision about what was possible and how I could influence my own destiny changed forever ...

Fast forward a few years ... I went to work in my cousins family business before heading off the university ( a business which my grandfather started way back in the early 1900's ). Then I made another massive decision ... I didn't go to university and instead stayed on at work.

Fast forward another few years ... I worked my way up and got the opportunity to buy the company along with my younger cousin. At the age of 29 I now owned my own $6M business.

Long story short, my core being kept asking me...

"Hey, we won't be here long in the big scheme of things and life is precious, how do you want to live it and what kind of legacy do you want to leave behind..."

...ever ask yourself that question?

Anyway, that quest led me on a wild journey through selling my business, starting another business, meeting my fiancee, starting a family, and now striving to achieve a full time income online which will allow me to accomplish all the hopes and dreams I have for me and my family.

Personal Growth and Free Enterprise. I love that stuff!

I've become a student of how people think and behave, and why less than 1% of those who say they want something out of life ever actually follow through and achieve it. I've combined that with internet free enterprise and the art & science of subconscious marketing and copywriting... and guess what...?

It kinda took off on me.

It's allowing me to build an income while at the same time, being able to spend my time with my personal passions... my son Alex and fiancee Gillian.

Alex is 4 and growing up so fast. Being able to support and allow him all the opportunities in life which were denied to me at his age is any fathers dream.

And my amazing fiancee Gillian ... I've put her through hell the last few years ( as being an entrepreneur isn't easy at times ), but we share a passion to better ourselves every day and raise Alex to the best of our ability. I couldn't do what I do without her.

Anyway... we can talk more about each other's story (would love to learn about yours) later when we connect "for real"... so... let me ask you...

Have you ever thought if there was "a better way" out there?

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