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G'day my names David Howard most people I know call me Dave. I'm living in a little part of Australia called Howlong NSW. I work full time at the moment teaching people how to drive the big rigs, earth moving gear, forklifts amongst other things. a have a great Hungarian/Aussie wife (Eva) and two gorgeous girls Zoe and Mia. My wife and I started our own Home Based business Importing dietary supplements from Hungary into Australia in September 2012. I am committed to helping people look after their health, and the health of their families in this busy life we all live in! Thanks for your help in advance and good health to you all!

Living Life to the Fullest!
G’day All. Today’s topic was inspired by a student I am teaching earth-moving operations to and the fact that we all should live life to the fullest because we never know when our time will run out. This thought occurred to me in particular because as a teacher of trade…
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Health And Wealth In Marriage
This is an area I am diffidently no expert in so this post should be taken in the context of exactly what it is, one bloke talking about how his life has gone since being married and the battle to keep it healthy and wealthy. Firstly lets consider what I…
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Health And Tax Deductions? They Go Together!
G'day Everybody Dave here. Just following up on the article I wrote for my website as it is also relevant to this one! One of the main reasons I got into the home business network thing wasn't just the working from home call,the no boss looking over my shoulder or…
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Not Another Dietary Supplement Article Agian!
....maybe but first let me tell you a little story. I am not a professional health guru, natural medicine doctor or even the fittest guy out there, but what I am is your average (very average) bloke here in Australia who's life changed and change for the better. No I…
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