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Hey! im new to writing but i thought this would be a good place to get started so if you like what i write leave a comment!

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Flight Pro Sim - Real Life Flying!
Pro Flight Simulator sim. Honestly, playing this game unlike most of the others is so realistic! You experience what the aircraft actually handles like up in the air with a full load or not. Unlike some of the other games ive played of flight simulators, this one actually seems so…
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Betta Fish Care - Simple Steps to A Healthy Betta!
Simple care advice for a healthier and happier betta fish. Betta fish (fighting fish) Betta fish are commonly known as fighting fish, or siamese fighting fish. Betta fish in captivity often only live a few months because people dont no how to care for them properly and just think there…
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Saltwater Aquariums - Setting Up And Maintenance
Aquariums in your home can be an amazing showcase for you and anyone who visits your home. Deciding which one you want (saltwater or tropical) can be a hard decision as keeping any type of fish/ aquarium should be a long term commitment. Most people who havnt kept fish before…
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Gain Muscle Burn Fat - Learn How to Here
Have you spent many years like myself trying to burn fat and gain muscle at the same time but find it hasnt been working? I tried so many different types of protein shakes that are designed to get you ripped while stiill gaining muscle but after months of training and…
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