Dave Page (Street Articles Author)

Hello My name is Dave and I'm from the UK

I've enjoyed writing ever since childhood, yet never really done anything about it. I also love reading, and have done for about 15 years, prior to that I had no interest in it at all.

Now I seem to read anything I can get my hands on, as long as it's not fiction. I've sort of turned into an Information addict.

Going forward this year, one of my website plans is to publish reviews on the dozens of books I've read over the years. Unfortunately, I'm not a speed reader so it takes me a good couple of weeks to get through one, especially when other things get in the way.

My chosen subject for reading matter is about anyone who has shown courage against adversity

I will expand on this Bio in due course but just wanted to get a few sentences out 'on paper' to begin with

Insane Interest Free Periods
I firmly believe the credit card firms should be held accountable to some degree for consumers Now, in theory, these are fantastic, IF you are disciplined enough to use it ONLY for that duration. Nowadays we are seeing up to 40 months interest free options, that's more than 3 years!…
By:  in  Finance  >  Credit   May 28, 2016  
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Driving Retests
Compulsory Driving Retests Currently, the UK legal age for driving a car is 17. In theory, a 17 year old could obtain a license, take an intensive course, pass a test and be on the road within a month. 1.6 million people take attest every year with a 43% pass…
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