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How to Get A Work Wardrobe on A Shoestring Budget
Are you getting ready to start a new job? Do you have a very important interview? If so, you want to look your absolute best in order to make your first impression great. You want to stand out, yet conform to the proper dress code of the company in which…
By:  in  Shopping and Product Reviews  >  Fashion Style   May 06, 2011  
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Designer Handbags and How to Get Them For Less
It’s true, all women want a designer handbag. I’m guilty of it too. It is a status symbol to women worldwide. It shows you are a member of an elite club. It may be a specific designer such as Christian Dior you are seeking or maybe you want a collection…
By:  in  Shopping and Product Reviews  >  Fashion Style   Apr 21, 2011  
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