David Clark (Street Articles Author)

I am an Electrician who has unfortunately had to give up this vocation because of health issues. I have since discovered the intricacies of internet blogging and website development.

I wish to expand and nurture my developing writing abilities and provide informative and sometimes topical articles here at Street Articles and also on my website. I am interested in photography, music and audio and computer technology all subjects that I deliver to users on my webspace.

My interest and continual learning in the field of photography feeds my urge to share with others what I have learned and to provide beginners and intermediates alike, information on the sometimes difficult pursuit of choosing equipment and suiting that equipment to your particular needs and skills.

So I may be writing predominantly on technical subjects as it is a language I am conversant in due to my background being an electrician and also through further studies in audio and music technology. With my new found zest for learning and creating, the online world has opened up my potential growth through not just participating in a dynamic education on online business but also at a personal level, allowing me to think outside the box and react to the actions of others to become a member of many exciting and thriving communities.

Visit my little ever expanding universe at:

http://fotolinx.org/ where you can also contact me via Facebook, Twiiter, Google+ and by email

Using Your Camera To Shoot Video Part One
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First How Now Why?
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