David Fairley (Street Articles Author)

David has had a lifelong passion for writing. As well as authoring on this website he is a contributor to the on-line forums for the HSS http://www.humanism-scotland.org.uk/ and the BHA http://www.humanism.org.uk/home and also writes specially commissioned articles for magazines and various professional blogs.

He is interested in screen-writing and storytelling as a medium for the teaching and development of moral, spiritual and philosophical insights, has studied Philosophy and Theology at The University of Edinburgh and is plans to continue his education by being open to new and upcoming mind enhancement tools as well as more traditional avenues such as the University environment.

He has had Management and Project Management Training and Experience which has been enhanced with Counselling Skills and a variety of experiences in dealing with staff welfare and needs.

He has extensive experience in the administration and clerical field as well as teaching, and has participated in award winning work-place schemes and Quality Assurance processes.

He is an individual who believes that we are all essentially powerless over the final outcomes of our lives and can only swim with the tides we find ourselves in.

His character is notable for its willingness to take responsibility for whatever aspect of work he is involved in; whether it is writing, daily administrative procedures or longer term strategic and philosophical goals.

He also plays a little; and watches great TV shows such as LOST, Millennium, True Blood and In-Treatment and at long last- Life On Mars-which is right up his moral street.

Please feel free to contact him regarding anything you see - he can be contacted at: davidf598@gmail.com

How I Learned to Dance The New Street Waltz (or How I Found Principles By Which to Live)
I recently took part in a process which had a very clear objective – to develop principles by which to live. I quickly noted that sometimes I see Principles as over-arching signposts, guiding me to my destination. However there was also a feeling that principles might be nothing more than…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Techniques   Jun 23, 2013  
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Patience, Tolerance And Understanding; Re - capturing An Ancient Credo
The self, or ego, is basically that which defines us as being different from one another. In other words it senses that ‘I am not you; you are not me; we are not each other.” In sensing our differences our ego can lead us to build bridges, to ensure that…
By:  in  Relationships  >  Enhancement   Mar 15, 2013  
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A Classic Example Of Unintended Consequences – the Fatal Shooting By Fellow Officer: Action Raises Justice Issues By Curtisj75 Posted On: Jan 29, 201
The article by CurtisJ75 posted on Jan 29th 2012 on the Street Articles website appears to come to the conclusion that “putting the officer out of his fellow officers' miseries” was merely the ““exacting" [of] what the justice system would take a few years to accomplish.” In other words it…
By:  in  News and Society  >  Crime   Jan 30, 2012  
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Share And Be Shared With: Moving Beyond The Living Grave Of Grief
Grief is among the worst of the human states. It can range from mild sadness at something or someone’s passing, to a spirit splattering agony that requires years to recover from; if recovery is even possible. There is truth in the theory that grief can kill or at least bring…
By:  in  News and Society  >  Anthropology Sociology   Jan 23, 2012  
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Exposing Lies And Intolerance; Dostoyevsky's Echo
If one has a suitable higher power; a god, a moral principle, a scientific formulae or a spiritual influencer; call it what you will – then for that individual, life means something that it does not mean to those who have no higher power; god, moral principle, scientific formulae or…
By:  in  News and Society  >  Anthropology Sociology   Jan 05, 2012  
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A Life Worth Living Every Day; The Possibilityof Saying Yes
We probably spend most our lives having no said to us, and said by us, as opposed to hearing or saying the word yes. Why is this? Why is no in the dominant position? Is it because No keeps us safer; more secure? Is it because it allows more progress…
By:  in  Politics  >  World Politics   Jan 04, 2012  
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Falling Into the Abyss; Putting Morality Back at the Heart Of Our Focus
Morality ought to be our first concern, but according to others including Abraham Maslow, our physical needs come first – the hungry, cold, thirsty, uncomfortable being must attend to these physical states before arts and sciences become appealing. However, is not the addressing of hunger, cold, thirst and discomfort an…
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Telling the Truth And Tolerating Each Other; A Resolution for 2012
Perhaps what follows might seem like a rather cynical approach to 2012, or indeed any year, month or day. However I assure you, it is not. This Sunday; January 1st 2012 marks the beginning of a New Year, and yet without our calendars it is merely another cycle of what…
By:  in  Politics  >  World Politics   Jan 01, 2012  
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New Year; New Thinking?
One the most common habits in our lives is to hide our ignorance by telling lies. It’s not that we wish to be untrustworthy people or trick people out of their possessions; although many of our fellow citizens live by these means. It is more to do with simply being…
By:  in  Politics  >  World Politics   Dec 31, 2011  
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Complicated People Always Don’t - Eh? - Lack Of Simplicity In Writing And Speaking
Complexity has long been taken to be the signal that what we are seeing is probably meant for intelligent people. Yet complexity fundamentally means that something is complicated. So rather being a signal that what we are seeing is meant for intelligent people, complexity is actually the signal that what…
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