David Fairley (Street Articles Author)

David has had a lifelong passion for writing. As well as authoring on this website he is a contributor to the on-line forums for the HSS http://www.humanism-scotland.org.uk/ and the BHA http://www.humanism.org.uk/home and also writes specially commissioned articles for magazines and various professional blogs.

He is interested in screen-writing and storytelling as a medium for the teaching and development of moral, spiritual and philosophical insights, has studied Philosophy and Theology at The University of Edinburgh and is plans to continue his education by being open to new and upcoming mind enhancement tools as well as more traditional avenues such as the University environment.

He has had Management and Project Management Training and Experience which has been enhanced with Counselling Skills and a variety of experiences in dealing with staff welfare and needs.

He has extensive experience in the administration and clerical field as well as teaching, and has participated in award winning work-place schemes and Quality Assurance processes.

He is an individual who believes that we are all essentially powerless over the final outcomes of our lives and can only swim with the tides we find ourselves in.

His character is notable for its willingness to take responsibility for whatever aspect of work he is involved in; whether it is writing, daily administrative procedures or longer term strategic and philosophical goals.

He also plays a little; and watches great TV shows such as LOST, Millennium, True Blood and In-Treatment and at long last- Life On Mars-which is right up his moral street.

Please feel free to contact him regarding anything you see - he can be contacted at: davidf598@gmail.com

The Antithesis Of Xmas - A Species Of Disbelief
Well (or no-well; Noel; get it?- Okay enough) here we are; It is the Eve of Christmas Eve; We have just one more sleep, or sleepless night, until the biggest sleep, or sleepless night of the year; the sleep before Christmas. Many a memory-mouse is stirring; scuttling through th corridors…
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Interesting, Social And Scary; the 2:1 Suicide Rate Between Caucasions And African Americans
Whilst surfing through a few of our more well known social networking sites, I came across this interesting social curiousity; Caucasians are twice as likely to commit suicide as African Americans. It's curious because historically, Caucasions are said to have had a better time of it than African Americans. That…
By:  in  News and Society  >  Anthropology Sociology   Dec 21, 2011  
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Ghettoised Or Merely Modernised?; The Impact Of A Near 6% Rise In Train Journeys
Here in the UK it has been confirmed that train fares are to rise by an average 5.9% in January, more than the rate of inflation. In other words travellers are going to have to pay more to travel whilst in real terms earning less to pay for it. For…
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The Spirit Of Christmas Believes In Us; The Human As Heroism
It never ceases to amaze me how many heroes walk past us every day, being dismissed as one of the crowd. There are more heroes passing by us on any given day than rheave eturned from every war ever fought. Heroism is not those relatively rare acts ocurring in the…
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A Very Dangerous Boiler; The Human Mind And the Need for the Private Diary
I heard a discussion today about the practice of reading another person's personal diary. It ranged from the reading of children's diaries by their parents to the publication (withou permission) of diaries written during the tragedy of a child going missing with no resolution as of yet to the mystery.…
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Give Us Quality Substance Rather Than Playground Sophistry
We are being dubiously entertained at the moment (early afternoon) here in the UK. One of our major radio stations is engaged in an Orson Welles War of the Worlds style broadcast. That is, it is broadcasting fiction as if it were live news. As happened back in Welles' broadcast,…
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Time Itself Will Tell
I just heard on the Radio that Time Magazine in the US has awarded its person of the year to Protestors Across The World. This is bigger news that it might seem to be at first glance. Protesting is one thing, however being awarded a prestigious accolade for carrying out…
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A Mis - Train Carriage Of Justice?
By now a great many people will have seen the footage of the young man being ejected from a train apparently travelling from Edinburgh to Perth on the 9th December this year. There has been much vilification and defence of the young man, the train-guard and the passenger who intervened…
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Do it And You'll See!; The Reason for Travel
Why travel? What does it really achieve? Travel, and you will find out. This is the great mystery of travel to those who don't travel. They don't see what's in it for the traveler. Sure it's fun to watch them trek around the world and film humorous or tragic stories,…
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A Sense Of Humanity
Barbara Streisand is famous for singing that the luckiest people in the world are those who need people. She may be right about that - yet what is truer is simply that people do need people. We cannot live alone. It is not possible. Sooner or later an easily preventable…
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