David Lundgren (Street Articles Author)

My name is David i was born in Tucson Arizona in 1967 i have been married twice and have two children ages 20 and 17 they both live away from me. I spent most of my life working construction but due to and injury to my back i had to seek work elsewhere. In 2005 i enrolled in Tucson College for Pharmacy Technician and now i am a licensed Tech Board certified.

Now i am working from home trying to make it with a websit i had designed for me. My website is an affiliate style site that i use to promote fishing products for other companies. I also take care of my Father who is disabled and needs lots of attention thus the reason for working from home which makes it easier to do both.

I chose fishing products for my website because i enjoy fishing and don't get out to fish that often,but i am still able to keep up with fishing thru my site. Fishing has alwasy been a part of my life. From an early age i have been into fishing both freshwater & Deepsea i feel there is no better fun than trying to catch fish especialy the ones that put up a fight!

Making Your Own Fishing Lures
Fishing's fun by itself,but if you really want to make fishing interesting you can make your own lures customized for the type of fish in your local lakes and streams. Most fisherman make some special kind of lure that works good for them. Now you can do the same. All…
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Fishing Products & How to Use Them
When i was nine years old during my summer break from school my Grandfather who was Retired from his job was watching me while my parents were at work . My Grandfather noticed that i was getting bored because there was nothing for me to do. My Grandfather decided to…
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