David Music (Street Articles Author)

Hello and welcome!

I was born and raised in Kentucky. Graduated high school May,1971 and enlisted in the USAF in September,1971.

Received an honorable discharge in September,1975 and began to work in factories in 1978. I joined my father-in-law's real estate company in 1984 and began writing business correspondence for him.

I learned early on that I could get a lot of self-gratification from a well written letter and felt very good about my ability to write.

I went on to begin studies at Kent State University in Business Management Technologies where English and writing became my favorite subjects...I left with a 3.8 GPA (surprisingly, for I'm not the brightest crystal in the chandelier).

Presently, I am in the process of writing a series of articles about general principles and tools necessary for those who want to start an online business (affiliate marketing in particular).

This is a work in progress and I would appreciate it if you would follow my progress. I always welcome good constructive advice and criticism and am willing to lend a helping hand when possible.

How To Enhance Keyword Content Articles
Most of us have heard the old adage…“A picture is worth a thousand words!”…Words may be worth a thousand pictures if used in the right manner…I could have said, “Words may be worth a $1000.00 or… more…if used in the right manner.” Would you rather have pictures or dollars? By…
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Home Based Business Ideas Vision, Plan, Control
In this second article regarding home based business ideas and the possibility that you “may be successful”, I want to focus your attention on what I believe is as important to our success as our believing in ourselves. And that is…setting realistic, achievable GOALS. I have learned over the years…
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Home Based Business Ideas...May Bring Success
If You Believe You Can, Or Can't...You're Right There are literally thousands of great, legitimate, home based business ideas available to you. Being successful with just one will change your life forever…be it baking cookies in your kitchen and selling to your local community of a hundred or a few…
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