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Hello, my name is David Reinhardt. Even though I enjoy many sports, I particularly love the fun, excitement, challenge, and camaraderie of the game of golf. In fact you could say I'm a golf nut or a golf addict. I especially enjoy being outdoors on a warm summer day playing with my buddies.

And even though I'd been playing golf for over 15 years now, I couldn't seem to get any better than an 80s shooter. Sure I'd have the occasional round in the 70s, but my usual score was in the 80s, with an occasional round in the 90s.

No matter how much I practiced or how many lessons I took, I couldn't get out of the rut of being an 80s shooter. Until now when I discovered Break80WithoutPracticeReview.com. Now I consistently shoot in the 70s, and without practice. It's fantastic!

How to Break 80
If you've been playing golf for several years and are shooting in the 80s or even in the low 90s, I'm sure you're looking for ways of how to break 80 and shoot in the 70s regularly. If you're an 80s shooter, you've probably had a round or several rounds…
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