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Accomplished craftsman, hobbiest, general DIY kinda human. Bachelor of Science in Airway Science, Aircraft Systems Management, Associates Aviation Maintenance Technology, Certified Airline Transport Pilot, Certified Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic. 6000+ hours of flying in a number of different airplanes the majority in Alaska in extreme conditions small planes to larger multi-engine cargo routine IFR. Writing experience and training includes business, journalistic, creative, persuasive, fiction, avid blog reader and commenter. Most recent blogging studies and ideas on going. Permanent student of all things.

Are Scare Tactics Good for Your Health
How Did All of This Mass Drugging and Inoculation Get Started One might wonder one day just where did the idea that disease is caused by bacteria get its start? Historically fear has played at least some part. Looking back we might find that scientists developed microscopes that magnified 400…
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