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I am David and I’ve been writing about relationship advice ever since I understood how to get my own ex back after a painful breakup. A break up that I myself was responsible for. After my break up I read tons and tons of books on the subject. And finally it dawned on me that I could actually do something about the situation and take action instead of feeling devastated. I did, and I got my ex back. In the process I learned about the mysteries of relationships and I love to share it with you and I truly hope that what I have been through can serve the good for other people too.

How to Stop Your Break Up Without More Arguing And Fights
Let’s talk about “arguing” for a moment, and the effect it has on your relationship. If you learn why people argue you will have a better understanding of how to avoid fights in your own relationship. If you don’t read and learn what I will teach you, you might find…
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