DavidIMR (Street Articles Author)

DavidIMR AKA David Dyer. I recently Rejoined Wealthy Affiliate and found Street Articles. I have taken up the 30 in 30 Challenge to become a better Author.

Having been around the block with IM for the Past two years, Learning everything I can. I have learned one thing for sure. You need to be serious!! Writing Articles, Email Responces, and sales copy is not for everybody, But you have to do it. To build a relationship with your clients if you want to keep them engaged.

Now I was lucky to have a Friend who has been doing IM Since 2004. We hooked up and he set me straight. Now after being slapped around. Going through all the Waves everyone goes through. I Now have the real view and outlook to create my Business.

iMarketResources 2013 is the year I really kick it into Action with my original Plan of making it Rich... But Not only that I am in the position to help others along the way.

Good Luck to you all

Dave Dyer

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