Dawn Kline (Street Articles Author)

Dawn has over 30 years experience in the healthcare field in both clinical and home care settings. She draws from this experience for her freelance writing. She is experienced writer and offers her services for ghost writing, content strategy, blog posts, landing page content, newsletters, e-books and guest posts. You can view her portfolio at https://www.clippings.me/dawnkline

Dawn is also an author and a dog mom who lives in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. Her husky mix dog, Cody is her inspiration for her books, website and blog. She recently self published "The Doggy Love Cookbook" and plans to write "Cody, an Unconditional Love Story" soon.

Dog's Rescue From Starvation Inspires Fundraiser
When a Wisconsin family returned from vacation, they saw a heartbreaking sight. A starving, homeless dog whose face was disfigured by a staph infection, weakly wandered through their yard. When they contacted the Sheriff’s office, the Animal Control officer was sent to assess the situation. Laura, who is also a…
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Siberian Husky – 7 Things I Wish the Dog Books Had Told Me
I saw my first purebred Siberian Husky puppy about 20 years ago. They were the most beautiful, lively and charming puppies I had ever seen. I was simply enchanted with a gorgeous red and white female with blazing blue eyes. She seemed to return my admiration, so I paid the…
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Are You Putting Your Dog at Risk to Be Stolen?
Many dogs are stolen each year because their owner has made a simple mistake. When approached by a friendly stranger, they brag about their dog’s purebred heritage. As the stranger and owner converse, the dog is learning to trust this friendly person who is petting him. The owner readily tells…
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Why I Make Dog Food
He was the skinniest puppy I had ever seen. The shelter workers had found him starving and full of intestinal worms. They said if they had found him 24 hours later, he would have been dead. They placed him into my arms and I could feel his bony spine along…
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