Dawn Lasmanis (Street Articles Author)

I've been a single mom of 3 for 10 years now. My youngest just started college this year and soon I'll be going through the empty nest syndrome. My life has always revolved around my children and now that they're grown, I'm going to pour all that leftover energy into writing.

I am a freelance writer (who isn't theses days?) and have written for several online publications and websites. These days, you can find me as Fibrogirl on Squidoo.com. I love meeting new people, so while you're here, say hello! Strangers are just friends who have yet to meet.

Best White Elephant Gift Ideas
So, you need some white elephant gift ideas for a Christmas or holiday gift exchange party. These are usually unisex gifts - that is, gifts that can be given to either a man or a woman. Generally speaking, they should be amusing yet useful. They can be something you already…
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