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Hi! I am a divorced mother of 3 grown children and a Nana to 2 AMAZING little Divas! I am in a strong and loving relationship with my boyfriend David and we have been together and living together for 2 years. I do not know where I would be without him quite honestly! Together I feel like we can conquer the world! He also has 3 amazing children and is a wonderful loving father. I have had some pretty serious health issues, auto accidents that caused further issues, and some pretty hard personal issues to deal with in my life. These things have changed who I thought that I would be when I "grew up"...since they all happened when I was so young. At first I resented it all like "why me? what did I do to deserve this happening to me which in turn happened to my children and loved ones...." Now I am not so sure that I would change that it happened even if I could. Because the things that happened to me have made me who I am today. Today I find that I can like myself again. That wasnt always the case. But I found that when you are literally staring death in the face... and WIN... that you must love yourself! I was fortunate enough to of met a man who helped me to realize this and I know what you must be thinking why give him the credit? I am and I do because he helped me to see what I wasnt seeing! I see now that I am worth it I am worth loving. After years of being abused physically, emotionally, abused in every way possible from my exhusband I thought that I just wasnt worthy. I know now that is not true. I hope that anyone who reads this who doubts themselves at this times knows that they too and find love and happiness and true love after a terrible go at an earlier life because I found it. I am living every day to the fullest when a few years ago I never thought it was possible.

Why Did I Stay so Long? I Never Heard Of ,domestic Violence, Until I Lived it
I met him at a party one night and thought how lucky I was that this gorgeous dark haired, green eyed guy was paying attention to me and ignoring all of the other girls there. I was almost 19 freshly out of a mistake of a marriage and the mother…
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