Dean Ethridge (Street Articles Author)

I have two companies that serve the need for individuals and companies that are looking to cut expenses on the communication bills. We consult with them to find out their needs, their current expenses, and current infrastructure for bandwidth, phone systems and inter-office communication and make recommendations for them.

We typically save people 20-30% or more monthly approximately 90% of the time. We find mistakes, and other ways to communicate more efficiently. We represent 30 carriers so we are carrier neutral, meaning you get the best solution possible without having to deal with multiple salespeople.

We are a National Master Agent for Ring Central, Windstream, AT&T, Charter, Comcast, Time Warner, Megapath, Verizon, and many more carriers.

We help companies transition to Hosted PBX Phone Systems to lower costs significantly, and do so with little to no money out of pocket.

We all help people get established as communications consultants and help them learn how to market online. I have a personal blog that helps anyone build a successful business online, so I'm constantly putting up helpful content to help my dealers and anyone that wants to learn how to be successful in their own business.

Call us today to get your free Telecom Audit and see how we can help your company lower your telecom expenses and improve your technology. (205) 390-0005

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