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You Are Your Thoughts
Emotional problems that relate to abuse, worry, anger, fear, concern, low self-esteem or relationship problems can over time be devastatingly bad to your physical wellbeing. An invisible wall or barrier can stop the natural flow of energy from expanding off your body; the energy is called your aura. Studies have…
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Coffee; Its Many Flavors And Uses
Coffee is a delicious beverage I enjoy drinking. Its robust flavor, hot sensation and comforting feeling going down my throat, it’s a beverage I take in moderately. Coffee can be bitter but if prepared properly it can taste smooth, flavorful and robust depending upon your likeness of mild or strong…
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When We Know Better, We Do Better
What are you thinking? Are old hurts and memories consumed in your thought patterns? Do you have thoughts of childhood, adolescent and yesterday’s happenings running around in your head? Do you think your thoughts are safely tucked away in your mind? Get yourself off the marry go round of thoughts…
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Spiritual Practice Vs Ego
Embodying a spiritual practice every morning before you start your day creates harmony and peace in your heart and consciousness. It’s an emotional self discipline that equates to the physical discipline of going to the gym to form a healthy physical habit for the body. A spiritual practice creates a…
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Character And Respect; Honoring Lives
Participating in group laughter can be lots of fun, and it can be dangerous to someone being laughed at. It can be a deadly experience. We all like to laugh with our peers and share in the joy of this activity; laughter. However it becomes a dangerous activity when we're…
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Love And Approve
If you knew you could have most anything simply by affirming it in your mind; would you do it? I became aware of affirmations one day in the late 70’s when a friend drove me on a surprise outing from Huntington Beach to Palm Desert California on a lovely Sunday…
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Affirmations For Creating Your Day
Affirmations are one way to place in mind what we want to transpire in our lives. There positive statements reflecting affirmative truths such as; peace, harmony, love, support and financial well being. Everything first appears as thoughts and then validates thought into our emotional sensors where we give our permission to be…
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