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Hi I'm from New Zealand, married with 3 kids. My husband and are both self employed. I am passionate about boxer dogs love them to bits, and have recently embarked on a new obsession! Building websites. Look forward to my new journey and where it is going to lead me.

Home Pet Sitting For Your Dog
Its that time of year again and you've planned the perfect holiday and you've been looking forward to a break away all year. There 's only one problem who's going to take care of the dog? You want to make sure that your best buddy is going to be all…
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Medical Insurance For Your Dog
If your worried about veterinary costs for your dog then medical insurance for your dog is definitely worth looking into. Pet insurance has become popular with dog owners and can help when money is tight and an unforeseen accident occurs with your dog. Vet bills can quickly mount up and…
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When Was The Last Time You Did A Random Act Of Kindness
The silly season is approaching, yes the year has flown by and as I get older and supposedly wiser the years seem to race faster than before. At this time of year Christmas is approaching and thoughts of presents and holidays are first and foremost on our minds. It is…
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White Boxer Dogs - Facts And Myths
Being a fan of the boxer dog, I have noticed over the last few years more and more white boxer dogs. I remember 25 years ago when we got our first boxer a male brindle boxer they weren't as popular and in some circles the white boxer was regarded as…
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Are You Ready for A Boxer Dog
You've decided after seeing that gorgeous boxer puppy you want one, but are you ready for a boxer dog? I use the word dog rather than puppy because remember this puppy will grow into a dog! People get all carried away with the first feeling they have when they see…
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Boxer Dog Allergies
Their are a variety of health problems boxers may face one of which is allergies to food or their environment. They could experience this condition to a specific area of the body e.g. ears or feet to all over the body. If left untreated can be very uncomfortable and painful…
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Boxer The Smart Owners Guide
I recently purchased the book "Boxer-The Smart Owners Guide" I am always a bit skeptical about buying breed specific titles as they tend to be very broad and sometimes they don't have that much information that your really looking for as far as your particular breed goes especially when it…
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Boxer As A Service Or Therapy Dog
I have often wondered about Boxers as service or therapy dogs. How do they compare with other breeds? I get so much joy from my boxer dog Bonnie, she loves people and is such a friendly and enthusiastic dog. So I scoured the internet for stories and opinions about Boxers…
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Approaching Pet Dumping Season - Do The Right Thing!
Shocking isn't it I was appalled when I saw this image recently, but thanks to the hard work of rescue centres and their devotion the story ended happily! We're approaching pet dumping season and this is the time of year when irresponsible people dumps animals because they can't cope, go…
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Guide Dog Attacks Are Increasing
Due to irresponsible dog owners the Guide Dog Association has asked for tougher laws relating to guide dog attacks. The incidents of attacks on guide dogs from other dogs is on the rise and there seems to little that anybody can do about it let alone prosecute the owners of…
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