Debby Palti (Street Articles Author)

So what's so special about me? Well I am just me! I love what words strung together in unique way can conjure up another world, universe or event. How sentences can form a picture in your mind and takes you where you never thought possible. I love writing.

Creativity is a vital part in anyone's existence. The ability to create something out of nothing. The see a blank canvas, whatever that canvas may consist of and the just by adding your own ideas, the canvas becomes a vital piece of work that inspires and enteratins others.

I haven't published any books...yet. But I am on the way to trying to achieve this. Being a people person, my career has in the Human Resources area which affords me the ability to showcase my easy, going, fun loving nature.

I love to learn and know that there is simply not enough hours in a day to learn new things. I love sport, especially Australian Football.

With a great love of life and love of The Arts in all it's glorious forms,I have something to say and I hope you enjoy reading it!

The Best Ride
So here we are,  coming to the end of the ride. From March to October, I have been on this incredible roller coaster that has given me everything from the fear screaming drops to the exhilarating peaks and even the breath catching easy section. It is a ride that may…
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