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I am currently working as a Learning Mentor in a pupil referral unit working with children that society deems "too bad" for main stream school. I love my job and am glad that I am making a difference to the lives of children who don't really have anything in their life. I am a mother to the two most beautiful children that i could possibly ask for, they are my pride and joy and they make me so proud everyday

Are You Addicted to Love?
Have you ever felt completely, hopelessly in love with someone, someone who does not reciprocate your feelings? You feel as if you can’t breathe unless you’re in their company, you sit waiting for a call or a text, anything just as long as its them. You get so wrapped up…
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I'm Just Not That Into You
So you have been dating this guy/girl and they seem like the kind of person that you should be with. They are stable, reliable, trustworthy and they love you to bits, plus they are all the other things that a good relationship requires. Even though you love this person and…
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