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Cockatiel Tricks | 5 Steps To Get Him To Wave
Cockatiel tricks can not only fun for you, but loads of fun for him. Cockatiels are born posses so when they are healthy, and happy they learn very fast. Below I will show how easy it is to teach him something so basic as a wave, and do it in…
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Planning A Wedding On A Budget - Free Tips To Have A Champayne Wedding On A Beer Budget
Planning a wedding on a budget usually means you will miss out on all the glamor, well that no longer is the case due to a some very smart planning a few tips and best of all, the tricks that will crack the secret code to having the champagne wedding…
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Cockatiel Training| 5 Easy Steps To Kick Start Cockatiel Training
Cockatiel training is an essential part of owning these cute little creators, cockatiels are intelligent and very cheeky, but they do come with some very strange, and bad behaviours. Below is a small introduction to the top 3, and worst behaviour you will be faced with, and you will have…
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