Dee Grate (Street Articles Author)

Hey everyone! My name is Dee Grate and I want to welcome you to our site. Let me tell you a few things about myself and how I ended up working to help people become their own boss.

I have been involved with computers and business in one way or another for years. In fact, my idol was Donald Trump! I don't think I was even aware of what the man did for a living exactly. I simply knew that in my eyes, Donald Trump was the image of a successful business man. For a few years, my stock answer whenever someone would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up was: 'business man.'

After high school, I did what a lot of other people did. I went to college so I could start my road to business success. However, other interests led me to slide in and out of school 3 times so far. I think I'll blame it on my entrepreneurial spirit and go-gettemness. I tried my hand at starting a couple of businesses and though they weren't successful enough to land me on the cover of Entrepreneur magazine or earn me a face-to-face with Mr. Trump himself, I saw enough results to know that I could make it as a business owner. Whether anyone else saw the same thing is questionable, but I was driven. I just had to find the right business idea that had to do with something I was interested in so I could strut my stuff. I knew I belonged in the boardroom, dammit. A big problem for me however, was the fact that my interest in things never seemed to outlast a full season of TV. I had itchy pants. I always seemed to need to move on to the next big idea or next great opportunity. Yup... it was the entrepreneur inside of me to blame once again.

Now, here we are with the internet standing as probably the single most influential thing in recent history, and I think I've finally found my place in the world. Not only can I showcase my unparalleled management skills, and my incomparable business-savvy, but my toddler-like attention span is remedied by the fact that I can get into just about any business I want to on the web! That next great business idea is just a website, or a blog, or a PPC campaign away! Whoo boy... I'm trucking now!

After going through the headaches and heartaches of trying business opportunity after business opportunity, my goal is to help people avoid those pitfalls I know are out there and see them reach whatever goals they have for themselves. There is no better time to become your own boss, and the internet can make that a reality for ANYONE. I'm out to prove it.

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A lot of people like their jobs. A few people even love the work they do, but many more people would trade their current position to become their own boss in a heartbeat. The chance to do what they want to do for a living, more money, and probably most…
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