Denisa V (Street Articles Author)

I am Denisa, a long-time lucid dreamer, yoga instructor, recruiter, and a mother.

I’ve been practicing dream control together with lucid dreaming for nearly over 15 years now. My first lucid dream at the college was a mind-blowing experience and I did not quite understand what was happening with me. Thanks to steady practice of lucid dreaming and dream control, I’ve had many lucid dreams since my first experience. I have also learned dreams to be much more than breathtaking trips into subconscious. They have literally changed my life. In tough times I benefited from self healing aspect of lucid dreams; in the long run I have developed more self-reflection and personal strenght.

Controlling dreams is an innate ability – with certain level of commitment anyone can learn to persuade the subconscious mind and alter dream situations!

Whatever your level of knowledge and experience on lucid dreaming is, I hope you enjoy reading my articles. I certainly enjoy writing them!

Learn How To Control Dreams - Does Lucid Dreaming Work?
Strange, wonderful and even impossible things regularly happen in our dreams. Some of us are driven by the desire to consciously influence the outcome of our dreams. But how to control dreams at will? Does lucid dreaming work when trying to improve our dreaming experience? Many people like to be…
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