Dennis Marks (Street Articles Author)

Hey everyone, My name is Dennis and I am very passionate about blues and love playing blues guitar. I started learning just over 1 year ago and already started performing at a few local concerts and gigs.

I hope you find my articles helpful so you too can reach new highs in your blues guitar career or even just learn the utmost basics when you are first starting out!

Tips To Help You Learn Blues Guitar Faster
First of all, I am glad that you have managed to find this article, you are about to learn the tips and little tricks and secrets that most professional blues guitar players are hiding from blues guitar learners and how you can instantly speed up your blues guitar learning process…
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Blues Guitar Online Lessons For Beginners
So you have taken up a keen interest on learning how to play the best Blues Guitar licks and great tunes but you are not sure where to a blues guitar beginner should get started? Don't worry, I was once in your exact situation and I have spent quite a…
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