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Hello, my name is Deric I am married with three children. We live in Bellevue, Nebraska. I worked for the Department of Corrections for 14 years, until realizing that I was not happy anymore and I resigned. I had developed an alcohol problem over the years, don't feel it was because of my job but felt that the job was not helping any. It can be a stressful place to work and a very negative environment. How can someone be happy walking around not being able to trust anyone around you all day. It got pretty frustrating and I was not happy, therefore not happy at work, not happy at home.It was time to do something about it, so I checked myself into treatment for acloholism. I completed treatment and decided to resign from the career that was bringing me down. I am now going back to school for chemical dependency counselor and have my own painting business, to help supplement income, while going to school. I have 18 months of sobriety now, a happier marriage, and a far better relationship with my children.

Tim Tebow 316
Denver QB Tim Tebow has been popular in the sports nation recently. From fourth quarter come from behind wins, to now winning his first playoff game. As many of you know, how passionate he is about Jesus Christ. Tebow’s favorite biblical verse is John 3:16. Tebow used to write 3:16…
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Heisman Trophy Winner A Jinx
The Heisman trophy winner jinx is still out there. The 2011 Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin 111 of the Baylor Bears faces the Washington Huskies. Over years past, whoever wins the Heisman Trophy, the team he plays for is almost destined to lose their bowl game. Why is this, the…
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Weight Training Supplements for Building Muscle
As a lot of you already know, there are a lot of weight training supplements on the market. Let’s talk a little about protein supplements. There are a lot of forms of protein supplements. They range from protein bars, protein drinks, and protein powders. Protein powders come in a powder…
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Weight Training for Weight Loss
Weight loss is often related to just cardiovascular activities by most people, including some personal trainers. A lot of people believe that cardio exercises burn fat and weight training is only for building muscle mass. This is not true, by including weight training into your workout, the more mass you…
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