Derrick Barnsdale (Street Articles Author)

I have a simple, but ambitious goal.

I will clear 5 million dollars by 1/1/2018. I will do this by working online using affiliate marketing, Instant Payday Network, Click Bank, Share a Sale, Wealthy Affiliates...any ethical vehicle available to complete my goal.

I will not be denied.

I will do this because I am tired of being scared of checking account. I am determined to never have to worry about getting groceries ever again. I am obsessed with giving my family everything that they need and as much as they want as I can provide.

So far, I have not been able to accomplish these things. These are my failures. It is up to me to correct these shortcomings and general failings and find my path toward success.

Failure is not an option. Some things will simply not work. Others will. I will move on from opportunities that do not work. I will not stop.

No setback will deter me. There will be no end to this road short of complete success. I will not allow it.

There are a lot of "I"s in the preceding paragraphs, but it is painfully clear that this is a journey that will not be taken alone.

Violence is NOT Inherent to Autism
I'm not sure who said it first, which news agency, which reporter....I don't know, but whoever reported it was being negligently irresponsible in their reporting. It came out late Friday evening, after the worst elementary school shooting in the nation's history, that the shooter, Adam Lanza, may have had Aspergers...some…
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An Ode to Benjamin Wheeler, 6
The world may never forget the name of the person who committed this unspeakable atrocity. We will be buried under the horrible devastation that the young man has brought down on twenty-six families, a small town community, a nation and the world. There is no way to understand why or…
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