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Hi, I am Des Forbes a longtime teacher and educator. I began teaching informally at the age of fifteen but later received formal training in education philosophy and pedagogy at teachers’ college. However, when I entered university my focus shifted to psychology, experimental psychology to be more specific.

Although my advanced degrees are in psychology, ever since graduation I’ve been employed in the field of education. In fact, I currently work as part of the administrative team at a small junior college. I’ve been in this system for the past thirty years and I must say it has had its ups and downs but by-in-large the experience has been extremely fulfilling. Especially when I am able to witness the many youngsters who have gone on to become successful professionals and responsible citizens as a result of my tutelage. This is a tremendously gratifying experience.

I enjoy swimming and love the outdoors, although I must admit I’ve been doing very little of either recently. I’m a fairly good racquetball player and could manage to shoot the basketball but limited facilities have forced me into walking and jogging as pastimes. Musically, I’m more a R&B kind a guy and politically I lean more towards social-democratic. In terms of my religion, I was raised as a Christian, but I have a few questions and issues I’m trying to reconcile at this time.

In recent times I have heard a great deal about online computer business and blogging. After looking at what others are doing and their various levels of success I thought I would have a go at it. One thing I’ve learned right away is that in order to do this properly you must work at it continually. (So I don’t believe the hype that anyone can do it.) However, I believe my academic exposure and personal discipline will allow me to make it a successful endeavor in due time.

It’s a pleasure to be a part of this community and I look forward to interacting with as many of you as possible; wherever you may be in the world. Please feel free to check out my blog at and some of my articles on the web. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for visiting and I hope that you will find my contributions beneficial in some small way. Cheers!

Thank you.

Will Final Four Teams Depend on Skills, Luck Or Secret Weapons
Today is the day. Starting around six o’ clock tip-off between Florida and Uconn to determine the winner of the East/South matchup will begin and later on in the evening Wisconsin and Kentucky will kick-off their battle for the West/Midwest championship title. We know that when it comes right down…
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How to Pick the Final Four Winners
By Now you probably know that Florida, Wisconsin, UConn and Kentucky are in the Final Four. The big question now is who is going to come out victorious and play for the championship. Let me be up front with you and tell you I don’t know, but if certain factors…
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The Best Drink for Final Four Parties And Celebrations
Did your team make it to the Final Four? I watched the Florida Dayton game and Florida prevailed in that one. Dayton put up a good fight but at the end of the day Florida was just the better and stronger team. The Wisconsin Arizona game was a bit more…
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March Madness Excitement Could Take A Heavy Toll
Basketball fans are into their March Madness right about now and this weekend all eyes are on which teams will make the elite eight. Well the last game I watched Michigan squeezed by Tennessee so they are now awaiting their match up which should be decided today. No one can…
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A Delicious Avocado Breakfast Sandwich That’s Easy to Make And Enjoy
I made my first avocado sandwich today for breakfast and it was delicious. I was a bit hesitant at first because I didn’t know what it would taste like but after reading so much about the goodness of avocados I decided to give it a try. It was easy to…
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Cure for Chronic Illnesses Could Be Linked to the Cost Of Food
I’ve been eating whole wheat bread for decades now because everyone including health practitioners keeps saying how much better it is when compared the regular plain white bread. I guess you can say I went along with the crowd because the extra two dollars or so in cost per loaf…
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Understanding the Enigmatic Characteristics Of Salt
How much salt have you ingested today so far? Chances are you probably do not know but sit at any table for breakfast, lunch or dinner and you will find a shaker of salt present. Moreover, each of these meals is likely to have salt or some derivative thereof as…
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A Hidden Danger Of Blood Pressure Medications
High blood pressure is defined as an abnormal elevation of the pressure inside the circulatory system that persists for extended periods of time. When measured using a Blood pressure machine, a reading of 120/80 is typically interpreted as normal. Readings above 140/90 are regarded as high blood pressure. High blood…
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A Natural Miracle Water That’s Sitting on Your Local Supermarket Shelf
The market is replete with a myriad of so called miracle waters claiming to be beneficial to the human body. But when they are examined closely few if any actually deliver what they promised. In fact, many have been associated with harmful side effects which have caused them to be…
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Why You Should Eat Fruits Everyday
People all around the world are spending millions if not billions every year to find some kind of relief from many common conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes. The reasons for this are quite obvious; the medical profession and big pharma have focused their energies on symptom reduction rather…
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