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I am currently doing cert 2 in cultural art's as well as doing a diploma in business and management in looking for a way to put my knowledge to work and come across here. I am 35 i am a Melbourne borne now Queensland i have traveled a lot of Australia lived in wa/ sa/vic/qld i am into camping hiking walks on the beach horses dogs pretty much all animals i can play the harmonica and in the process of learning the guitar I must say,One of the biggest lessons or experiences i have ever learnt in life ,Is the common occurrence of blame is always in most circumstances,passed on to others around your life,when in turn it should be brought back to yourself.The problem i have with this is that it is so easy to pass the blame,but very often hard to accept it.but in times of late i am finding it more pleasurable to except responsibility,as it leads to a more positive rewarding life.people judge u without pulling the log out of there eye there is only one judge and that is yahway (God) I love the two rules that were placed by yahshua (Jesus)love the lord your god with all your heart all your mind and all your soul ,love your neighbor ,i love having so many awesome friends that encourage me to stay on the straight and narrow I am definitely happy with the support u all give bless those that curse you for you will heap coals upon there head I am trying so hard to be like Christ but find it very hard sometimes without my devoted believing lady in my life someone to share in the lord with to hug and appreciate there company to grow old together with to kick me up the but when I get slack in the lord and for me to encourage when she slips away

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Edit to be or not to be that is the question and if you cannot well take time to think and consider there is no such word as cant it is how can i achieve this goal/task God bless

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bible Study tool's There are many free bible study tools, application's available at this present time they have bible versus God and Jesus why follow god and the list goes on. There are reference E book's, Bible study tool's, personal God study book's , video's and many of these are…
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