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What's up everybody? I'm Deven, I live in the beautiful but kinda boring state of Vermont. I love playing as well as teaching guitar and also run a guitar website so, logically, I'm gonna be writing to you about it! Snowboarding is also a huge passion of mine, however, so don't be surprised to see a change up here and there.. I love meeting new people so please feel free to leave me something, I'll get back to ya. :)

Rhythm Exercises for Guitar to Get You Going
At this point in your musical career I’m sure, or at least hope you’ve heard of the mass amount of benefits of practicing guitar with a metronome. Many guitarists face the problem of having poor rhythm or timing in their playing. It is an all too common problem. The majority…
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Practice Guitar: How to Effectively Practice Guitar
The problem: You suck at guitar or could use some improvement. The solution: Having a proper practice schedule. And not just practice but effectively and efficiently using your practice time. Nobody becomes a rockstar by playing the same thing day in and day out (unless your a certain group of…
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Cbgb Festival Stabbing Incident
This past weekend over 300 bands gathered to celebrate the life of a legendary night club. CBGB's gave birth to dozens of now iconic bands including none other than Nirvana a few decades ago. After closing their doors in 2006 a festival was finally planned to celebrate the venue's legacy…
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Guitar Finger Exercises - Start Shredding Today!
You want to know the truth? Every guitarist faces the frustration at one point or another. That feeling of just not being able to get your hands working together with one another. You know what I'm talking about.. Your left hand can shred the neck, but your picking is completely…
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How Did Ronnie Montrose Die
This past Saturday, March 3, the world of Rock & Roll lost an icon. Ronnie Montrose, guitarist for the band Montrose, died at age 64 in his bay area home. There has not been a lot of information released yet about his death due to it's recentness but there are…
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