Devika Primic1 (Street Articles Author)

I am South African a published author of Raising Teenagers The Best Way and many kindle publications on, and living in the most southern part of Croatia, called Konavle, a beautiful countryside of peace and tranquility.

My special way of writing is to inform my readers of any topic and to improve the knowledge of those who lack such information. Read more of my work to learn about me. Writing opens the mind of an individual from personal experiences or from just simple thoughts. Write what you know and be the best in what you do.

How To Be A Writer Online
There are many challenges and not much of an income for most writers. Do you think writing online is worth your time and effort? Most people try to write and earn but fail to comply with the Terms and Conditions of most companies and don't succeed. You give it all…
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How Do You Feel About Marriage
Traditionally most marriages are sacred, a way of life to have a wife and child, and in some cases more than one wife and many children. Which ever way you see it, a marriage is till death do us part in many couple's lives. Most women choose to marry and…
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