Dharbhasana (Street Articles Author)

I am a multiday runner and ultra endurance athlete who enjoys a raw food plant based diet. Greatly satisfied from the effects of a diet rich in superfoods I aspire to live by the saying from Hippocrates 'Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food'. In 2010 I competed in and completed the longest certified race in the world where I ran approx 100km's (2 and a half marathons) a day for 52 consecutive days covering a total distance of 5000km's or 3100 miles. Enjoying the simplistic course of life I am inspired by the basics; barefoot running, yoga, meditation, organic raw live foods and all things o naturale'. As an eternal beginner student of meditation and a raw food advocate I give regular talks and classes on athletic performance nutrition, eating a raw food diet and meditation where I make my home in Auckland New Zealand.

Raw Vegan Food - Adopting A Natural, Raw, Live, Whole Food, Plant Based Diet
Consuming a diet consisting of raw vegan food is now easier than ever before, with so many options and information’s available, from raw food benefits to raw food meal plans and list of raw foods. In this article I am going to discuss with you how to go about introducing…
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