Diane Daynes (Street Articles Author)

Hi. Thanks for stopping by. I am excited to be a part of Street Articles! My name is Diane Daynes. I live in California. I actually live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I love it here. It's beautiful and weather is the best! I have been working for a County Agency for the past 25 years. I have a daughter, son and three grandchildren. They are my big WHY that I am learning affiliate marketing. I don't want to be at my JOB forever. I want to move closer to my grandchildren. If I can work at home on a computer I can live anywhere. That to me is motivating!

I have a passion for learning and sharing what I learn with others. This is what brought me to the internet. I realize now after being overwhelmed by so much information, that you need to follow a system with lots of support. Don't try to do it alone. Sure the information is out there but it makes a big difference to have a system to guide you. I love learning about online marketing and the affiliate world. I am learning something new everyday. One really important thing that I have learned is to stop reading so much and take action. Actions lead to results. I know I can master the internet.

It's important to take that first step. I have developed a mindset that has given me the courage to go after my goals, rather than feel overwhelmed by them. Success to me is having freedom of time and money and this is my ultimate goal. Come along and join me on my journey!

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