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A commerce graduate and a postgraduate in Business administration, I have worked in finance for a couple of years before I entered the computer manufacturing industry. When I am not working in the office, I am working at home, designing websites and such other things. I spend most of time working on my online businesses, the foremost of which is "Web hosting and Domain related stores". My second love after work, is music and then it is literature.I have been trained in South Indian (Carnatic) classical music and Spanish guitar.I played the lead guitarist when i was at college and love spending some time everyday with my guitar.I sing and have sung in quite a few competitions, and love writing songs. I am a voracious reader and can spent a lot of time reading if I get good books to read.My liking goes with non-fiction books, though I also enjoy reading classical novels. "Great expectations" is amongst my favorite books. Painting is another hobby I have and pencil on paper is my favorite form of painting. I also enjoy oil on canvas but am a big 'NO-NO' to "modern arts". I love art in all its forms. Though I find very little time to spent on it, I would love to do it whenever I get time. I am a contributor to quite a few forums on BPO, Web design and development. I have been contributing to quite a few articles on skin care, pet care, internet businesses, SEO, web designing and web hosting.

Wii Iso Downloads - Why is it A Better Solution?
Do you own a WII? If you have answered in yes, then this article on WII ISO downloads is for you. Have your ever thought about the amount of money you have spent on you favorite WII games? I remember that I had bought my gaming console for about $199.00.…
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