Donald Whitehead (Street Articles Author)

I want to serve! Think about it. We were all born to serve. It's natural to want to, in whatever capacity, we serve others. Even when you're at work, you're getting paid to do a job but, you're serving someone else.

I worked from the time that I was 15-16. Didn't make the Armed forces. I did procure daily employment in several different trades, all of which I loved and cared deeply for, and did quite well in performing each one to the degree that I pretty much almost always got what I wanted as far as pay and tools and other requests other employees probably wouldn't have felt deserving to ask for.

I did physically demanding work all my life. Didn't like sitting around too much, especially on a job.

I've always loved using my hands...being in and around cars, learning new things, reading and dabbling in things I find interest in. I've worked as a service station attendant, when there was no such thing as self serve. I worked as a short order cook, where I was one of the best on the job, or so I was told. I've always worked on cars and that includes mechanical and paint and body. In fact I went to vocational tech school for paint and body and auto parts clerk, back when even just the talk of computer age was still, just talk.

Anyhow I worked at a few of those car care places where I installed and balanced car tires and change the oil etc.

I eventually started work in a profession that would leave me physically incapable of heavy physical work again, I'm constantly in pain, after 6-8 surgeries to try and correct some back and neck problems.

Anyhow we learn to deal the hands that we are dealt and so After toiling for over 35 years changing 18 wheeler tires as well as giant off road tire service, all split rims, multi-piece wheel assemblies, and coming through it unscathed, lost a couple of very dear friends, I did furniture delivery and repair until my back and neck were just plain worn out.

But my love for learning how to serve others in another way started to fizzle when I first started to try and learn how to use a computer. Then I heard that you could serve others and make money with it and started to dabble into what has been a very enlightening journey so far.

I haven't done much with this knowledge other than to, like I said dabble in it a bit and I've learned so much! I'm ready to perhaps help people yet again in other ways and, although I don't like a lot of sitting, am adjusting to and learning how to do affiliate marketing which, entail journeys in other areas, enables me to still serve people.

Now my thing is, I love making people happy! Most people are happiest when all is well and financially things are in check. Through my journey though I've had to do a lot of soul searching and have had to undergo a mindset change.

I used to think like many people still think about today's technology and how to embrace and use it to enhance their lives.

I like to show people how to secure a working from home business ethically and sensibly. I like to explain to people how I lost over 100 lbs. using food so I push a weigh loss product that I firmly believe in so much that it's what I still use to maintain.

I'm on ssa and I hate it! I can't stand it because I can do better more for myself and am trying to make that happen doing affiliate marketing and talking about my successes.

Since I've embarked on looking for great resources to help myself understand more about the subject people I come to the point to where I can only refer 4 make money online leadership and step by step how to build a business from scratch programs that I know to be ethical, legal and very effective.

One is the Wealthy affiliates, the owners of this directory, of whom I was a member for a couple of years and another mentor who I am now a member and have been for a couple of years is Empower network, a company owned by David Wood, another very accomplished Entrepreneur who is passionate about helping people realize that they can, do, and will change their lives if they do just one thing, blog daily!

I provide information on both via various web pages that I promote making people aware that once they understand how to get focused, in the right mindset, that together the technology, marketing plan resources, tools even mentor-ship is readily available for anyone, is easy to understand, and all of it, put in perspective can and do change lives every single day, and I want to be a large part of that.

The other 2 are Chris Farrell of whom I was a one year member and a woman, Rosalind Gardner I think her name is.

So for now some of my sites are incomplete but I'm building a couple of networks that will grow into large data bases that can help transform lives whether it be losing weight via eating or building a thriving web business.

Thank You for visiting Don

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