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I'm not a conspiracy nut,before i get dismissed off hand.I condsider myself a realist. In fact, a doomsday realist. 2012 is going to be a rocky year. If you believe in the power of the mind, the negative thoughts of the millions who are convinced of the 2012 disaster will think it into reality. If you believe the prophecies of the Mayanns, Nostradamus and others, 2012 disaster is inevitable. If, like me, you simply believe in science,reason,logic and evidence, then you also have to believe in 2012 calamity. Cold facts indicate it not a possibility, but an extremely strong probability.Come on. Be a little realistic.

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How Can I Prepare for 2012?: Basics
How can I prepare for 2012? There are many ways. When the phrase comes up most people think, as people always will, of money. They think money will simply answer all their problems. Naiveté in its most extreme form. Has anyone considered hyperinflation? Has anyone thought that food and other…
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