Doug Palmer (Street Articles Author)

There's nothing better than landing a lunker or coming home with your catch of the day. You don't have to be a tournament fisherman or a fishing pro to be successful. I'm not! I'm just having fun.

Hi! My name is Doug Palmer. I enjoy all sorts of outdoor activities. Living in the great state of Minnesota, close to the Twin Cities area, I have access to an incredible amount of outdoor resources throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin, where I grew up like rivers, lakes, woods and prairies are all within an hour's drive in each direction.

I most enjoy changing up the activity. If I get tired of fishing on a lake you likely will find me on the Saint Croix River where the action is fast, the bottom changes frequently and you never know if you are running into or staying clear of a snag. Of course, the scenery is second to nowhere on earth, so who cares if I bring home fish or not?

Fishing, camping, boating, deer hunting, grouse hunting, canoeing and down hill skiing are all activities that I enjoy with my beautiful wife year-round.

Sometimes we like to go out for a moon lit cruise, packing some charcoal, a grill and surf and turf with a little wine. Sometimes we like to just sit and watch the sun paint the sky in the evening and oh, ya, occasionally I might be known to dip a line in the water. :)

Hope to see you out in the woods, on a river or on a lake soon!

Wisconsin License #a 143314
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My Crappie Secret
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