Dr Becky Spacke (Street Articles Author)

A little about me....

■I studied elementary education at Indiana University/Purdue University/Indianapolis.

■I attended St Louis University and Washington University, earning my Bachelors of Science degree in Human Biology.

■I went on to earn my Doctorate of Chiropractic and Post-Doctorate certification in Acupuncture from Logan College in St Louis, Mo.

■I studied Functional Endocrinology through University of Bridgeport Post-Graduate Department

■I've received many Post-Doctorate Certifications in Clinical Nutrition. My most recent was from Harvard Medical School. (August 27, 2012)

I recently left the 'brick and mortar' world (I owned The Total Wellness Center in Marathon, Florida) to open an on-line wellness center, Brand New Day Enterprises.com In this program, I create custom-tailored nutrient protocols based on your specific biochemistry. (It's really cool technology!) In addition, there is a FREE online education program geared to help you learn skills to 'eat well; move well; and think well'. This program will help you live a life healthier and happier than you dreamed possible.

I look forward to learning and growing with you.

Best Diet For Fibromyalgia
If you are suffering with pain and are wanting to be more proactive with your health, wouldn't it be nice to know the best diet for fibromyalgia? Some of these tips will be simple, common-sense concepts. I am confident that some of the tips will be real eye openers. The…
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Living With Fibromyalgia Pain
Isn't it horrible to 'live with fibromyalgia pain'? Wouldn't it be better to learn to live without fibromyalgia pain? It is so difficult to figure out how to offer strategies for people suffering with fibromyalgia pain because the medical community can't even agree to the mechanism that causes the disease.…
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Web Md Com
I felt compelled to follow up with another article about Dr. Goldberg's book, 'Tabloid Medicine'. Especially in light of an entire industry, Web MD com, that is based on empowering and educating patients via the internet. One of Dr. Goldberg's complaints about searching out medical information on the internet is…
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Self - Diagnose Symptoms
I am riled up. Really riled up. I just read a fairly new book, published in 2010, that would like to limit your ability to self-diagnose your symptoms. Let me explain. Robert Goldberg, PhD wrote a book entitled 'Tabloid Medicine'. The premise of his book is that the internet is…
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Weight Loss In Menopause
Oftentimes, one of the first symptoms of menopause can be weight gain, not weight loss. Weight loss in menopause might just be a dream come true for many women. There are many reasons for the weight gain. We are going to spend this article focusing on fluctuating hormones. Estrogen: Our…
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Low Testosterone And Treatment
The commercials are everywhere....low testosterone and treatment options. Couples holding hands. Couples walking on the beach. Couples longingly smiling at each other. Nice music. Magic pill. Is it really that easy? Can you just take a magic pill that will increase your testosterone level with absolutely no consequences? You already…
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Low Testosterone Symptoms For Men
Commercials in the U.S. are now showing males taking AndroGel for testosterone replacement therapy. But what exactly are low testosterone symptoms for men? How do you know if you are suffering with 'Low T'? We won't chase the obvious symptoms. If you have noticed a reduced libido, that might be…
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Health Insurance Vs Home Owners Insurance
So....what's more important? Your health or your home? I'm going to give you my take on health insurance vs home owners insurance. For our 'non-American' readers, I am sorry. This might not be at all applicable to you. A couple of things have happened over the past couple of days…
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What Causes Fibromyalgia Pain
As you can imagine, in my brick and mortar practice I was asked 'What causes fibromyalgia pain?' many times. Nearly everyone hopes the answer comes quickly and the resolution swift. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) continues to state that the cause of fibromyalgia is unknown. They suspect that the…
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Are These Symptoms Fibromyalgia?
In my brick and mortar practice, many patients with chronic pain would often ask me, 'are my symptoms fibromyalgia'? They would ask because they had just seen the latest drug commercial on TV promising relief from the pain associated with fibromyalgia. They would cling to the hope that this new…
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