Dr. Randy Carney (Street Articles Author)

Author and Speaker, Dr. Randy Carney, grew up in Southern Illinois. He has been married for forty years, and he and his wife, Rhonda, have four children who are grown and married. He is currently serving as the department chair for Biblical Studies at Morthland College.

Randy has contributed to several Christian school high-school science textbooks. He also was involved in Christian education for 25 years with his connection to a major Christian textbook publisher. During that same period of time, he was involved in church ministries by serving as the senior pastor of six churches and serving as an associate pastor or on the pastoral staff of a few other churches.

Wherever their lives took them, Randy and Rhonda Carney came across those who came to them for help with their marriages. After years of talking with and encouraging those who had various needs in their marriages, Dr. Carney developed "The LOVING Way" to a successful marriage, which emphasizes a balance across six areas of marital relationships.

In addition to their conducting couples-enrichment seminars (which are fun events that look at heavy topics), the Carneys have ministered in Mexico, Australia and japan.

Randy (and sometimes Rhonda on a limited basis) would be happy to conduct a marriage seminar for your church or organization.

Successful Marriage Tips - Learn From the Best
When looking for successful marriage tips, learn from the best people and resources you can find. That really is a good idea for any endeavor, isn't it? It is especially important when dealing with something that affects your life as much as marriage does. If you get married in your…
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Successful Marriage Quotes: How Can They Help?
You may have heard some really good successful marriage quotes. Some may make you laugh. Others may challenge your thinking. In it all, though, when considering successful marriage quotes, "How can they help?" is the relevant question. Can good quotes benefit you for real? Let's consider some quotes, consider how…
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John Glenn's 50th Anniversary Of Going Into Orbit - - Reminders for Successful Marriage
John Glenn was recently honored by NASA for his contributions to the space program for the USA. February 20, 2012 marked the 50th anniversary of his Friendship 7 spaceflight. That was a great accomplishment, and many who are married have similar aspirations of celebrating their 50th wedding anniversaries. On the…
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Get Ready for A Successful Marriage
Would you like to get ready for a successful marriage? Many counselors, pastors, and parents would like to give tips to people who are contemplating marriage that would help them feel confident as they go into the marriage. Would you like to know some ways to get ready for a…
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How To Be Nice To Your Girlfriend - Some Important Loving Techniques
How to be nice to your girlfriend may be a question that is uppermost in your mind. It is strange how even the simplest of ideas sometimes becomes difficult when you are in a relationship. You may really have been trying to figure out some nice things to say to…
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Mississppi River Flooding And Your Marriage - How to Work on Your Marriage When Adversity Comes Like A Flood
The threat of the Mississippi River flooding many populated areas along its banks caused great concern just a few weeks ago. Many people worked together to face this adversity. Some compared this flood to the Flood of 1927. At any rate, many were concerned about their safety and the safety…
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How Marriage Works
Do you get so frustrated, at times, that you really wish you knew how marriage works? That really is an age-old question. The key, though, to your current relationships, is to start right where you are. Starting something usually opens up your thought process, and that usually makes it easier…
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Why Marriages Fail
Have you ever wondered why marriages fail? You probably have at one time or another. If you hit a "rocky place" in your marriage, you will, more than likely, have some concern about what it going on. The sad fact is that many marriages do fail. One of the things…
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Get Back Together With Your Spouse - Techniquues That Will Benefit
Do you want to know how to get back together with your husband or wife? Perhaps you have tried all kinds of things and they did not work. Here are some things you could check up on to see how your relationship is doing. 1. How is the "leaving" principle…
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What Marriage Should Be
Have you ever wondered what marriage should be like? I am not talking about your present circumstances. Even the best of marriages can be improved, so we really should examine what marriage should be like. Many marriages today are ending in divorce, so it is important that we understand what…
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