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Hi, I am Dr. Jason Miller. I am the Founder and Medical Director of Renewal Body Contouring. i am recognized as one of the nation's foremost experts in liposculpture. I am a surgeon who is both highly experienced and extensively trained in the art of progressive body contouring techniques, with the most advanced suite of body contouring technology available today.I obtained my medical degree from the Medical College of Georgia. You are welcome any time to be a part of a revolutionary body sculpting procedure.


Why Smartlipo Triplex Is the Ideal Liposuction Machine?
Plastic surgeons who perform liposuction surgery on a regular basis often have to choose a treatment modality that fits their clientele and offers features that their patients would appreciate. Though basic tumescent liposuction is still available from many plastic surgeons, most patients prefer using the high-tech options that amp up…
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What is it Like to Undergo Liposuction And Body Contouring?
Liposuction body contouring procedures can change a person’s life. Liposuction is a procedure that is used to contour and sculpt a person’s body. By suctioning excess fat out of targeted areas of the patients body, a plastic surgeon can create an aesthetically pleasing physique. Body contouring, in contrast, usually addresses…
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