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My Top 4 Alien Abduction Stories
The subject of alien abduction produces different reactions from different people, some react straight away with scorn, laughter and disbelief while others react with fear, apprehension and curiosity. This second reaction usually comes from people who know a little bit more about the subject, because as you will see, once…
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Mr Hennagin's Ghosts
A long long time ago in a galaxy far far away, just kidding, way back in 1952 my father was still in school and one of his teachers stood out considerably from the rest, this teachers name was Mr Hennagin, he was ex RAF and used to arrive at the…
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Underwater UFO Reports
The surface area of our planet's oceans is immense, vast and unrivalled by any land mass. But thats absolutely nothing compared to all the space that lies just below the rippling waves, pause for a minute and try to image all the nooks, crannies, underwater caverns, deep sea trenches, sub…
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