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Disabled war veteran, who suffers from many of the ailments associated with war. In an attempt to gain peace of mind, I try to keep myself busy writing. My writing may not be the best, but it helps me. Not looking for pity, just stating a fact. Also, a former Law Enforcement Official. ...

I am not very versed in this computer stuff, so if I somehow fail to respond to a comment or post some needed data, please forgive me. I am still living in the days wherein eight-track music was popular.

Whatever Happened To My Old Television Westerns
Have you even been driving home and thought about the grapes you purchased the day before. Due to an important meeting, you could only eat a few, so you put the others in the refrigerator. They were the best grapes you had eaten in a long time. You became so…
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Are Our Physical Bodies on Loan to Us
The longer I live, the more I pretend to know more and more about life. I am not now, nor have I ever been a rocket scientist. Nonetheless, I think we all have wondered about life beyond the norm. Questions like, who are we, how did we get here, what…
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The Middle And Poor Class Are Being Bamboozled By the Wealthy
I recall a time in my younger years while at the workplace, I was determined to win a game of three-card Monte against an older gentleman. Every time we had a break, I would seek out the old fellow for another chance to win. If I were smart, I would…
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When Does A Sports Figure Become A Legend
During most of our lifetimes, a certain sport’s figure name will remain prominent in our minds. It really doesn’t matter if some sports announcer identifies an individual and calls him or her the greatest. In each of our minds, we have our own heroes. Take for example, the name Babe…
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Where Is the Party For The Losing Team
On most any fall day during football season, in most any town, you will find a group of gladiators ranging in ages from five to fifteen, going through the final drills before game time. On the other end of the field, a group in the same age range is going…
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Future Senior Citizens; How Will You Fare In Old Age With A Voucher System
The numbers have been known for some time, the income gap continues to widen between the rich and the poor. Since this is a known fact, it seems that common sense would come into the equation. With this being the case, it is very apparent that the wealthy does not…
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Look At All the Cars Parked At the Mall
Some things in life seem to defy logic, or have no plausible answers. If you go to any large mall in this country on a Saturday or Sunday, you will find the parking lot overflowing with cars. I find this amazing, you may call it stupid for me to even…
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How Writing Helps To Relieve Some Of My Stress And Anxiety
So you had a bad day at work, and the prospects for a better evening are not showing any promising signs. Man, if you could just hit a reset button and re-create the day, things would be much different. Sure it would, because hindsight is twenty-twenty. Instead of focusing on…
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Why I Continue To Lie To Collection Agencies When I Receive Their Calls
The subject of this article would seem to imply that I entered into a legal and binding contract with a merchant to pay for services received, and refused to pay for such services. While reading this article, it will become apparent to you that there is no truth in that…
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Just Loosen Up
In elementary school, the teacher wanted me to grow up and become a rocket scientist. Matter of fact, the teacher wanted everyone to become a rocket scientist. I think it had something to do with saving the world. Throughout my life, the constant cry has been about the planet deteriorating.…
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When Does A Sports Figure Become A Legend
During most of our lifetimes, a certain sport’s figure name will remain prominent in our minds. It…
Summertime is Near, Time to Discard The Coat And Air - out the Bathing Suit
With summertime rapidly approaching, it is that time of the year when I look forward to storing my coat…
I Am the Only Authentic Expert In the Whole Wide World
The other day a friend and I were discussing several principles relative to life. Somewhere during the…
Oh Mr Ptsd Please Leave Me Be
Sometime ago I was sent to a far away land to engage an enemy that I did not understand. While there,…
Why Some Folks Will Never Enjoy the Many Wonderments Of Nature
It is my understanding that in this country, everyone has a right to pursue their own dreams. However,…
If Love Is So Great, Why So Many Unions Turn Into Hate
Very good question. I am a firm believer that most answers pertaining to man’s behavior can be somehow…
Are Married Actors Crossing The Line When They Appear In Those Steamy Love Scenes
I only write about this subject, because I enjoy watching movies. In so doing, I cannot help but admire…
Should We Ingest Foods Imported From Other Countries
I was watching a very good movie the other day, wherein the wife had tired of being married to her partner.…
A Time to Fight And A Time To Take Flight
I am sad to report that many of our former brothers and sisters are no longer among us, because they…
Is It Possible For Two People to Become As One In A Marriage
The other day, I went shopping for a computer. While perusing the aisles, I was unable to make a firm…