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Disabled war veteran, who suffers from many of the ailments associated with war. In an attempt to gain peace of mind, I try to keep myself busy writing. My writing may not be the best, but it helps me. Not looking for pity, just stating a fact. Also, a former Law Enforcement Official. ...

I am not very versed in this computer stuff, so if I somehow fail to respond to a comment or post some needed data, please forgive me. I am still living in the days wherein eight-track music was popular.

Scrutinizing the Trayvon Martin Case
More often than not, sometime in the course of our lifetime, we will witness or hear about a case or cases so sensational that said cases could potentially divide a nation. The Trayvon Martin incident is one of those cases. The racial divide is well known in this country. Although…
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What Happens If The Unitied States Post Office Goes Under
I will start this article by saying, any cuts in service by our congress, will always affect the average citizen and the poor more severely. I do not see any wealthy folks holding signs complaining about the high gas prices. I hear the wealthy complaining about the Health Care Law,…
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My Mission for Today Is To Make Someone Smile
No matter how my day unfolds, I have taken it upon myself to make someone smile today. For the past couple of years, at least twice a month and sometimes more, I find ways to put a smile on some stranger’s face. It would be useless for me to sit…
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Why My Television Viewing Consist Of Disney, News, And Sports Channels Whenever My Grand Children Visits
One of the most embarrassing moments in my life is, while watching television with my children and grand children, and some person appears wearing almost nothing. Call me a prude if you will or may, but I believe certain boundaries should be established when it comes to family. Some so-called…
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Why My Car Radio Is Only Programmed For Oldies And Disney Channels
During each generation, standards are set and accepted contemporaneously with that particular time. I often recall my mother telling me how things had changed from her childhood days. When I became an adult, I would sometimes tell my children how things had changed from my childhood days. Just like me…
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Today, I Should Have Just Stayed In Bed
Some days are so unkind to us that we feel like screaming. If you do scream, someone is going to call the mental ward to take you away. Therefore, we must play this political correct game to maintain our status in society. Everyone should have figured out that we are…
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How Excessive Crime Has Nearly Caused The Extinction Of Hitchhiking
In most every decent and caring person, if you peel back some of the layers, you will find a Good Samaritan. Many of us were raised by the golden rule, and taught to do no wrong or harm to others. Being born in a rural area, at one time, folks…
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When Is Enough Money Enough
For some, they can never get or have enough. I don’t really know if I should feel this way, but whenever I hear of the super wealthy folks being scammed out of their money, I do not feel sorry for them. Why are they trying to accumulate so much? They…
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Will The Storm Subside
While growing up, it was impressed upon the kids to give a storm the proper respect. In those days, whenever it rained really hard, all electrical items were unplugged, and no talking or moving about was allowed. We had to wait until the storm was over before we could resume…
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The Health Care Law
When I am zooming along the ocean shore, top down, music blaring, I am in my own little world. The furthest things from my mind would be all the world’s problems. At this time, I am in my own zone. If the world is in or nearing some crisis, someone…
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When Does A Sports Figure Become A Legend
During most of our lifetimes, a certain sport’s figure name will remain prominent in our minds. It…
Summertime is Near, Time to Discard The Coat And Air - out the Bathing Suit
With summertime rapidly approaching, it is that time of the year when I look forward to storing my coat…
I Am the Only Authentic Expert In the Whole Wide World
The other day a friend and I were discussing several principles relative to life. Somewhere during the…
Oh Mr Ptsd Please Leave Me Be
Sometime ago I was sent to a far away land to engage an enemy that I did not understand. While there,…
Why Some Folks Will Never Enjoy the Many Wonderments Of Nature
It is my understanding that in this country, everyone has a right to pursue their own dreams. However,…
If Love Is So Great, Why So Many Unions Turn Into Hate
Very good question. I am a firm believer that most answers pertaining to man’s behavior can be somehow…
Are Married Actors Crossing The Line When They Appear In Those Steamy Love Scenes
I only write about this subject, because I enjoy watching movies. In so doing, I cannot help but admire…
Should We Ingest Foods Imported From Other Countries
I was watching a very good movie the other day, wherein the wife had tired of being married to her partner.…
A Time to Fight And A Time To Take Flight
I am sad to report that many of our former brothers and sisters are no longer among us, because they…
Is It Possible For Two People to Become As One In A Marriage
The other day, I went shopping for a computer. While perusing the aisles, I was unable to make a firm…