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Disabled war veteran, who suffers from many of the ailments associated with war. In an attempt to gain peace of mind, I try to keep myself busy writing. My writing may not be the best, but it helps me. Not looking for pity, just stating a fact. Also, a former Law Enforcement Official. ...

I am not very versed in this computer stuff, so if I somehow fail to respond to a comment or post some needed data, please forgive me. I am still living in the days wherein eight-track music was popular.

Are Married Actors Crossing The Line When They Appear In Those Steamy Love Scenes
I only write about this subject, because I enjoy watching movies. In so doing, I cannot help but admire the acting skills of my favorite star(s). Foolishly so, I sometimes allow them to become a personal part of my everyday life. They become as a brother or sister, when they…
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Why My Best Friend And I Are Inseparable
Most of us envision or hope for that one friend we can count on through thick and thin. I am certain if you are of age, you have encountered many people, and some of those may have been considered to be good friends. However, you later discover all of your…
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The Drowsy/sleepy Driver Can Be As Lethal As A Loaded Gun
We ride in our vehicles on our numerous interstate highways at break neck speeds. Sometimes the distances between vehicles are within six to twelve inches. We encounter all types of vehicles and drivers. The big eighteen-wheelers can make you cringe in fear as they approach your rear. With a car…
By:  in  Automotive   Mar 18, 2012  
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Being A Senior Citizen, I Could Not Endure The Stress Of Babysitting
When we hear the words; senior citizen, what is the first thought that comes to mind? Old maybe, or maybe old and decrepit. One thing is for certain, when the words senior citizen are attached to one's name it can be concluded that the person has passed a few mile…
By:  in  Home and Family   Mar 17, 2012  
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Why I Am Investing My Last $10000 In An Offshore Account
This is a satirical view on offshore banking. It is in no way intended to advise anyone how to spend or invest their money. On most any day, one can observe large flocks of birds headed in various directions. They may be seen headed south in the fall, for a…
By:  in  Finance   Mar 16, 2012  
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Will Earth Implode Resultant to Depletion Of Underground Resources
While researching this subject, I could not come up with definitive answers. As in any controversial issue or subject, we will find varying opinions by experts. I am no expert, but my mother instilled within me a certain degree of common sense that has stood the test of time. For…
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If My Spouse Cheats, Should I Leave
Sometimes, if you ask someone a question and the answer is, it all depends, except when, maybe, etc. don't you just hate that? In this case, I must use some of those answers, because too much is at stake. My primary concern in any relationship is the children. The adults,…
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Why Many Whites Cannot Understand The Jeremiah Wright Controversy
This article is not intended to change history, or to be critical of it, because after the milk is spilled, it cannot be un-spilled. The intent or purpose is to analyze the cause of the spill so plans can be implemented to avoid future spills. In order for this country…
By:  in  Politics   Mar 12, 2012  
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If You Spank Your Child, You Are A Bully
According to the New World Dictionary of the American Language, a Bully is defined as follows; A person who hurts, frightens, or tyrannizes over those who are smaller or weaker. The aforementioned definition should be enough conclusive evidence to substantiate my assertion. However, I will take this a few steps…
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When Does A Sports Figure Become A Legend
During most of our lifetimes, a certain sport’s figure name will remain prominent in our minds. It…
Summertime is Near, Time to Discard The Coat And Air - out the Bathing Suit
With summertime rapidly approaching, it is that time of the year when I look forward to storing my coat…
I Am the Only Authentic Expert In the Whole Wide World
The other day a friend and I were discussing several principles relative to life. Somewhere during the…
Oh Mr Ptsd Please Leave Me Be
Sometime ago I was sent to a far away land to engage an enemy that I did not understand. While there,…
Why Some Folks Will Never Enjoy the Many Wonderments Of Nature
It is my understanding that in this country, everyone has a right to pursue their own dreams. However,…
If Love Is So Great, Why So Many Unions Turn Into Hate
Very good question. I am a firm believer that most answers pertaining to man’s behavior can be somehow…
Are Married Actors Crossing The Line When They Appear In Those Steamy Love Scenes
I only write about this subject, because I enjoy watching movies. In so doing, I cannot help but admire…
Should We Ingest Foods Imported From Other Countries
I was watching a very good movie the other day, wherein the wife had tired of being married to her partner.…
A Time to Fight And A Time To Take Flight
I am sad to report that many of our former brothers and sisters are no longer among us, because they…
Is It Possible For Two People to Become As One In A Marriage
The other day, I went shopping for a computer. While perusing the aisles, I was unable to make a firm…