Eddie Tjon Fo (Street Articles Author)

Member of The Rule of Six and serial entrepreneur for over 35 years. Helping others becoming commercially successful has been a part of my life.

Follow me on this Online Quest with building Online business in order to see what the potential success could be from day one untill, lets say, 6 months down the line on a part-time basis.

Cheers Eddie

What is Your Personal And Inner Truth?
It is very interesting to personally discover what drives you as a human being. - What are your goals? - Why are you not there yet. - What happens if you will be achieving your goals. - How to get there.....is there a roadmap?? If I ask this question in…
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The Rule of Six Marketing
An important principle to becoming successful through online marketing is to understand that you can sell when you apply the marketing principle LLTB. This means: Learn, Like, Trust and Buy (LLTB). Internet is not very suitable for direct sales if the potential buyer doesn't know you, your company or product.…
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